Sunday, October 30, 2011

Start of week 9

Well we're closing in on the home stretch. We're at week nine of eleven. Things are going swimmingly around here. Sure I may have the occasional argument with how things are run around here, mainly with other students not the staff. But things are going well. Today is Halloween! Wonder how many people will dress up to go to class........ and how many people will go out and party on a school night........ oh well not my problem.

Just got done with hell week. Had five major deadlines this past week. Had two projects in nutrition due, one persuasive speech, one paper due, and an exam in math. Think they could've packed more into the four days we have class for? I've come out on top though. Just got a 94 in my public speaking midterm. I'm ecstatic with how well things here are going compared to the last time. Update on gpa next week probably, I'm waiting on more grades to get put up officially.

I'm hoping next term to expand my club experience by one club. I'm currently involved with anime club in limited quantities. Next trimester I would like to join the Club for Culinary Excellence. They host some interesting events and have demonstrations regularly that I would like to attend. I was also offered a position on the entertainment committee for relay for life which I accepted.

On a side note 29 days until I get my knife set! mwhahahahahahaha

*cough* Anyways personally I'm doing well. I'm getting along with more people more to the point that people I don't know very well are saying hello to me in passing. I forget how easily I can influence the area around me. Something that hasn't happened in a long time. I've been feeling more "normal" than I have in years. As I was speaking to my father today, "I feel like how I was back in fourth grade." This was the last time I remember getting great grades in school. Maybe there is a future for me in this profession.

Got the job at Gamestop. However I had a talk with my manager and I'll have to leave mid December because I cannot work the week of christmas and the week afterwards. This is the only time before the summer I'll probably get to see my family in both towns. So family is more important than work for the time being. I've had a very good support this time around from both parties...not like I didn't the last time I just didn't utilize it. So I have a feeling that any money earned will go to travel expenses so I can see my family.

I should start putting together a christmas list.......

That's it for now! See you all next week!

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