Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 7/Start of week 8

Week seven has come and gone. I can't believe how fast the term is moving now. I can hardly believe there is only 3 weeks left in the term. Then we have a week off for thanksgiving break then we start up again right after into labs! I can hardly contain my excitement. Granted, I still need to get through this term first. So much work that's due this week then we're golden until the end of the term.

On other notes found some other geeks to hang out with and play settlers of catan with. It's a board game similar to ticket to ride. Resource collecting and plan execution. Still not all that great at it. 

OOOH I can't talk about this past week and not talk about the demo I had the chance to sit in on Thursday. In communication skills we got the chance to listen to a Chef talk about New Zealand cuisine. It was very interesting the dishes we got to try were a sashimi style salmon, muscles with a spicy Japanese mayonnaise, lamb with mint served with greek yogurt with more mint, and venison! I could've eaten the venison all day...... *daydreams about venison sausage* err alright the venison was really good. We got to see the chef literally take all the meat from one leg of the deer and cut it to the point where he could cut medallions later. He literally had less than a handfuls amount of waste from cutting it. Along with tasting all this amazing food he also gave us in his booklet contact info so we could order ingredients from New Zealand. Coolest thing ever!!!! We also have all the recipes for the food he demonstrated that day. (By the way New Zealand's main export is food.)

Still doing well in classes current gpa stands at a 3.37 :) Huzzah for doing well finally!

I know this blog entry is rather short but I've gotta run and work on my projects for this week!

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