Friday, October 5, 2012


The halfway point of something brings many feelings. The feeling of excitement as whatever it is you're doing is almost over. The feeling of anxiety as you may not know what you'll be doing afterwards. I bring these two up because I'm feeling both right now. We're about halfway through the tri here. I'm excited as it's one more trimester down. However, I'm anxious because of the unknown to come. I still have no clue where I'm interning at yet. I do, however, have a couple of ideas.

Idea one is Disney. A location that I hear works you like a dog, but at the same time pays you justly for the work you put in. I have an interview with their recruiting Chef on Wednesday the 17th. I can't say I have any issues other than the possible temperature down there. I've never been one for hot weather and Florida is probably going to roast me.

Idea two is Delaware North. A company based in WNY that would allow me to be home and hang with friends when I'm not working. Would also probably allow me to come camping this year. Anyone who knows my family knows how precious our camping time is. Though I can't be sure on hours or pay. Also the fact that a lack of vehicle may impede things like it did this past summer may come into play again.

Then the wild card is with a hotel group known as White Lodging. They're mainly based out in the Midwest. That's all I pretty much know at this point in time.

Resume to be looked at on the 10th. Brushing up on everything I can before the career fair on the 18th.

On another note labs are going well. I finished Nutrition and Sensory Analysis with a B. I'm very happy with this as the class is probably one of the hardest ones that freshmen take. Day 9 was mystery basket day, so my group got little-neck clams and mussels. We made paella.

Intro to baking and pastry has started. I'm enjoying myself and there are two other guys from WNY in my class so we have something we can all complain!

No random roommate comment this time. As my roommates have been kind enough to leave the last two weekends and leave me in the room to myself. Hopefully I'll get a little quicker at posting these. In the meantime God bless and thanks for your time.