Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 10

Hey everyone week ten is here! I still can't believe how fast this whole trimester has gone by already. Not complaining though I like how fast paced this is. Two projects due this week and I am almost done with both. Finals week next week. I'm not working hardly at all as to focus on my finals.

Grades are still doing well. 4.0 in math (go figure) 4.0 in Nutrition, 3.5 in my english composition class, and a 3.0 in my public speaking class. Just got my last couple exams back in a couple of classes. 99 on my last math exam, and a 94 in my public speaking exam. My class in nutrition was just told since we're not going to have the time to cover chapter 10 our final exam will only be on chapters 6-9.

22 days until I get my chef knives. I can't wait!

On a completely unrelated side note 15 meals a week on our meal plan here isn't enough. It's enough for 2 meals a day with one meal extra per week. For those of you reading this who don't know me personally. I'm a big guy. I like food. Two meals a day isn't enough for me. Granted you can purchase more meals as if you were a commuter that's separate from your main allotment of meals. I will probably have to do this sometime soon.

Work started for me this week. I have 29.5 hrs at work this week. Though I'll probably give up a 4 hr shift to maintain my sanity. I've just realized how much my boss just scheduled me outside my availability this week. Oh well something that'll be corrected next week. I really need the money for my books next trimester.

Got to play some D&D with some people around my age range for once. It was nice being around people of a similar maturity level for once compared to all the new freshmen that I live with. Need to make friends with upperclassmen more often. Hopefully this'll allow me to feel a better fit in this school.

Till next week!

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