Wednesday, August 29, 2012


No I'm not talking about the old cartoon (though I did love that show). It's time I reboot this blog. I'm sorry that I didn't really write after the second or so month of school.  Let me bring you all up to speed... there's too much let me summarize. Finished my first year of culinary school with a 3.43 cumulative gpa. I'm set to move into my new dorm (Harbor View) in under 48 hours! I'm so excited! I've got two brand new roommates. I have no clue what the room layout is like. I know that we should have three beds, closets, and desks. We also get our own private bathrooms! So instead of a communal bathroom shared between 50+ guys. It's just the three of us. Hopefully since Harbor View was a hotel this should me our shower should be a bathtub/shower. Which will be sooooooooo nice.

This trimester will probably be one of my easiest trimesters so far. I have alternating classes everyday Monday through Thursday 1:40-3:35. The second cycle of nine days I have a morning lab from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. Then later in October I'm making up another lab on sunday.

Winter trimester will be similar to last year. I'll have 5 labs, all my sophomore labs. More details on that closer to winter trimester.

The spring trimester I have to go on internship. I've applied to the Disney culinary program. If all does well I'll be there for my spring trimester all the way to before classes start next year. More news on that after October 18th, when the fall career fair is here and gone. Another option is a hotel management company called White Lodging.

When I get heavily into my culinary courses again I'll try to include a favorite recipe of the week.

Well that's it for now. Back to packing.

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