Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 4

So some status updates since last blog.

First math quiz back got a 70 on it.... but I have that 95 waiting in the wings.
Second math quiz I feel much strongly about and hoping to get that back graded on tuesday.

First nutrition quiz this past Wednesday. 92% yay!

First paper back from my writing teacher... 72. Which my professor says is about normal for the first paper of freshmen year.
Next assignment for that class due wednesday.

Gave my first speech in communications skills. Don't know the grade from that yet, but I feel that I conveyed my portion of the speech well. We'll see how the grade is.

Made some new friends tonight! We're heading out to City Burger tomorrow for brunch/linner. More to come soon! Family weekend is this weekend, and even though I have no visitors coming (that I know of) I'll probably have a blast with other peeps. OH! There will be deep dish pizza soon too!

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