Saturday, September 24, 2011

The start of school.

Just starting up the blog so gotta play a little bit of catch up. 

I'm a Johnson and Wales student studying Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. I'm part of the class of 2015. We've just wrapped up week 3 of 11 here. Just got back a math assignment and scored a 95 on it. Just took a math quiz and have another one monday. First paper for english composition just turned in. I thought I did well on it. Wrote a visual analysis on a political cartoon about how the United States Postal Service is going broke. 

Things coming up this week. Math quiz monday, public speaking presentation thursday, intro to nutrition quiz wednesday, and have to pick a topic for my annotated bibliography soon.

In other news the girl I really liked told me yesterday that she felt awkward and thought we wouldn't work out. Oh well, thus is life. Starting up my D&D campaign again. Probably the only thing I do this term. Still need to find a job around here, but not all is bad. I feel completely alone though up here even when I'm surrounded by friends. Dunno what's wrong with me in that regard. Can't wait to start cooking next term.


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